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Twitter birdWe have a vibrant and growing Twitter community which has real impact. Most recently we had direct communication from Fat Face and Lego in response to our tweets. You can find us at @PinkstinksUK

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Pinkstinks TshirtWe have a new range of t-shirts, baby clothes, bags, aprons and mugs, plus our ever-popular pin badges. Every penny we make goes back into funding what we do.

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We are a tiny organisation run exclusively by volunteers in our spare time. If you can spare just a small amount we will be able to fund our website and newsletter and produce more video material. You can donate through PayPal here.

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We can really have an impact if we work together and we need our supporters to be our eyes and ears. Email us with your pictures and any letters or emails which you've sent to shops or websites.

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Nominate those promoting great kids' play and products, for our


Pinkstinks Approved is a list of suppliers and retailers who are breaking the mould by providing great products which are not gender specific and/or which offer both girls and boys an equal measure of fun, games and adventure. You won't find any make-up for kids here... But you might find some face paints!

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Tell retailers your concerns, write, email, tweet and/or vote with your feet. Feel free to mention us if it helps your cause and let us know if you've done so.

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If you have anything you would like to contribute to our website, newsletter or blog just let us know. We want to hear all about how you have tackled retailers; we love to hear from children about their experiences and about how they talk about these issues in school. In short, we need your help. In return we'll do all we can to keep up the pressure on retailers and manufacturers.

We are keen to work with organisations who share our values and vision, and actively seek to form partnerships, share content and cross-promote. If you represent an organisation and would be interested in working in partnership with us, please contact us.

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