A giant leap for LEGO?

Tuesday 17 June 2014
A giant leap for LEGO?
LEGO's forthcoming set of three female scientists - a good start but not exactly a giant leap.

We of course applaud the fact that LEGO have decided to go ahead with a range of female scientist figures. Great news ... yes, we of course agree. Especially as this has been the result of some hard campaigning on both sides of the Atlantic. But doesn't it just make you shudder to think, that achieving something like this (3 small figures which campaigners can be pleased about), took that much campaigning in the first place. 

And it sadly doesn't do too much to alleviate our horror at the continued and ever more pervasive gender segregation of LEGO in general. This is illustrated perfectly by the cup cake, beauty parlour, party animal female figures of the LEGO Friends Universe. So it's a good start ... but please, for the love of the girl in the cool 70's ad... restore lego to its non gendered wonderful creative self. PLEASE?


"This campaign is way overdue. Pink does stink – it has the reek of Sugababe, Spice Girl and all things nice. It is the colour of the glass ceiling that traps young girls’ aspirations in a perfect pink bubble – pretty, pleasant and politely imprisoning."

Ros Wynne-Jones, Journalist and Author