No women were involved...

Sunday 6 February 2011
… In any of the (many) mistakes that officials made in any of the premier league games yesterday.

A red card - a male officialPhew, we are relieved…. It seems that it’s nothing to do with your gender, if you make a mistake as a man… but everything to do with your gender, if you don’t make any mistakes at all.

How confusing!

We’d like to thank Gary Lineker for the superb little dig he made about one of the mistakes (made by a man) in one of the games yesterday. It’s good to know that high profile men are finding the whole débacle an important enough issue to not let it go just yet.

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"Girls are becoming increasingly disillusioned about the media's portrayal of women. Over half of those aged 11 to 21 disagree with the statement that 'girls and young women are portrayed fairly in the media'."

The Girls’ Attitudes Survey, Girlguiding UK, 2011