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Wednesday 11 February 2015
Children's fashion - Monica Lowry has been looking into how some retailers are giving girls more than just pink

Tuesday 17 June 2014

Good question … clearly NOT writing blogs! 

Saturday 1 December 2012
The BBC revealed the nominees for Sports Personality of the Year late last month. Unlike last year, five of the twelve nominees are women. Here are our reactions.

Monday 9 July 2012
I’m always on the lookout for child-targeted sexism to expose on my blog, so when the Pink Stinks Campaign began focusing on cosmetics, I had a ready-made catalogue of offending items to showcase.

Saturday 21 April 2012
In my local department store there is a toy floor.

Wednesday 8 February 2012
This is a blog about books.

Wednesday 11 January 2012
And therefore incurs our wrath.

Sunday 4 December 2011

Pink, it's not for boys.

Saturday 3 December 2011

The official complaint to the BBC, regarding Sports Personality of the Year.

Tuesday 29 November 2011
Haven't we been here before?

Sunday 20 November 2011

Pinkstinks often gets asked ‘What about the boys?’ Well, we care very much about boys.

Saturday 18 June 2011
So! We managed to choose the worst possible two weeks ever to go on a family holiday. (You’ll be pleased to know we enjoyed the break.)

Tuesday 15 March 2011
Here's what the BBC sent me last week in response to my complaint. It took over 11 weeks for them to come up with this.

Sunday 27 February 2011
A quick update here on what the BBC has said to me – or not as the case may be

Friday 25 February 2011
Sexualisation is on the political agenda, and has always been on ours. At Pinkstinks we are currently working on our submission to the consultation of the government's sexualisation taskforce (The Bailey Review), set up in response to the growing discontent amongst parents at the much publicised premature sexualisation of our children.

Sunday 6 February 2011
… In any of the (many) mistakes that officials made in any of the premier league games yesterday.

Tuesday 25 January 2011
How heartening to see the reaction from established sports personalities to the appalling remarks made by Andy Gray and Richard Keys regarding Sian Massey

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"Girls are becoming increasingly disillusioned about the media's portrayal of women. Over half of those aged 11 to 21 disagree with the statement that 'girls and young women are portrayed fairly in the media'."

The Girls’ Attitudes Survey, Girlguiding UK, 2011