What the media says...


The Guardian

21st April - Personal follow-up piece on Abi and Emma pre-SLAP

20th April - Coverage of the first Body confidence Awards

20th April - Introductory news piece on the SLAP campaign


The Guardian

13th Dec - Jane Martinson talks sexist toys, Hamleys and Pinkstinks.

18th Dec - Interview in the Observer following Hamleysgate.

The Independent

12th May - Charlotte Raven talks about female role-models and Pinkstinks (New role models page in progress)

5th June - Kate Youde writes about Pinkstinks' soon-to-be-launched cosmetics campaign 'Slap'.

18th Dec - Huge piece in their magazine. Lots of good stuff in here.

New Statesman

22nd Dec - Helen Lewis Hasteley writes a good read on Hamleys, Lego and Pinkstinks.


The Guardian

12th May - Pinkstinks are quoted when M&S comes under fire for selling bra tops.

31st October - Kira Cochrane talks role-models and about Pinkstinks' origins.

The Independent

19th Feb - Tom Lubbock on Pinkstinks and Pink.

24th AprilTowards the end of a lengthy article, Amy Jenkins mentions the MOD requesting Pinkstinks remove Kirsty Moore, first female Red Arrow, from their role-models page.

The Telegraph

25th March - Harry Wallop reports on our mini Sainsburys campaign

30th April - Reportage of Pinkstinks' complaint to BBC Radio 1 about gimmicky 'Glamour Model's Guide to Voting.

13th May - Those M&S bras for six year olds.

The Daily Mail

26th April - Reportage on the Prince's Trust campaign that targeted St Tropez, Kelly Osbourne and their self-esteem claims.


The Guardian

9th Dec - Emily Hill in an anecdotal opinion piece as to why pink does not stink.

9th Dec - 'Yesterday in Parliament' - Pinkstinks was mentioned in the House of Commons.

12th Dec - An interview with founders Abi and Emma Moore.

The Telegraph

30th Nov - Anecdotal piece from Cassandra Jardine about how pink is phasal and hasn't harmed her kids.

7th Dec - Reportage of Labour MP Bridget Prentice's support of Pinkstinks.

The Daily Mail

7th Dec - Mail's take on Prentice and Pinkstinks.

8th Dec - Amanda Craig with an annecdotal opinion piece.


8th Oct - Abi Moore is on Radio 4's woman's hour.

7th Dec - A BBC video featuring Emma Moore, but with a slightly presumptuous headline.

"I am nine years old and I think that the Pinkstinks campaign is my voice. Two girls on my class table are obsessed with pink and makeup but I think that girls like me shouldn't be forced to like pink. Can you think of a good name for girls who don't want to be girly girls but arent tomboys. My mum and I have been trying to think of one for ages.

Sophie xxx