We work with a group of professional volunteers who give us their time, energy and support. They are:

Elaine Johnson – Writer and Editor

Elaine is from the Ribble Valley, Lancashire, and moved to Newcastle upon Tyne 9 years ago. She studied Scriptwriting at University. Shortly after the birth of her first child, she became angered by the insidious pinked-up experience being pervasively marketed to her daughter and joined Pinkstinks. She currently lives in Gosforth, Newcastle. 

Vicky Syred - Administrator

Vicky hails from Southampton, where she lived before studying Maths at the University of Birmingham. At the age of 26, Caitlin Moran made her realise she'd been a feminist most of her life without knowing it.  Fed up with how society pigeon-holes women, Vicky was relieved to find out about Pinkstinks challenging the narrow aspirations mass-marketed to girls. She's now looking to begin a career as a data analyst.

"Almost all [girls] feel that TV and magazines focus too much on what women look like instead of what they achieve (90 per cent), and 82 per cent think that there’s a lot of pressure on girls to wear the latest fashions and have the latest gadgets."


The Girls’ Attitudes Survey, Girlguiding UK, 2011